Join lifelong Billy Joel fans, Michael and Jack, as they take deep dives in to Billy’s history, songs, albums, tours, band members and more.

September 29, 2020

EP 017 - Album Retrospective: Streetlife Serenade

1974 saw Billy Joel back in the studio mere months after 1973's Piano Man.  Billy wasn't ready for a new album but pushed his way through to complete Streetlife Serenade which was released October 11, 1974 on Columbia Records.


The album peaked at #35 on the album charts and featured the single "The Entertainer," which is the sole song that has gotten a significant amount of live performances since its release.


Michael & Jack discuss this often forgotten and under documented album and shed some light on some lesser known gems.

They also go song by song through the album and discuss each track and their reflections on each.





One side

  1. Streetlife Serenader
  2. Los Angelenos
  3. The Great Suburban Showdown
  4. Root Beer Rag
  5. Roberta

Another side

  1. The Entertainer
  2. Last of the Big Time Spenders
  3. Weekend Song
  4. Souvenir
  5. The Mexican Connection





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