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Join lifelong Billy Joel fans, Michael and Jack, as they take deep dives in to Billy’s history, songs, albums, tours, band members and more.

EP 035 - Album Openers Ranked

June 8th, 2021

An album’s first track has a lot to live up to. The song must engage the listener right away and get them excited for what’s to come. Sometimes, it’s the record’s lead single and hopefully the band’s next hit. Other times, it’s just the song most likely to get people excited. Or, it’s a little of both.

In this episode, we’re giving our opinions on Billy’s best and worst album openers. We are ranking the first songs on his 12 studio pop albums and the live Songs In the Attic. We’ll compare notes, and maybe argue a little, over which ones set up the album perfectly, and which were the least effective.

Join us, as we scratch the surface of every Billy Joel album, with our worst-to-best album opener rankings.


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