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Join lifelong Billy Joel fans, Michael and Jack, as they take deep dives in to Billy’s history, songs, albums, tours, band members and more.

EP 067 - Year In Review: 1978

August 30th, 2022

Even when looking at five decades of songwriting, album releases and concerts, 1978 stands as arguably the busiest, most successful, and most defining year of Billy Joel’s career.


The year began with the smash hit album The Stranger still racing up the charts after its release the previous fall. 


12 months later, Billy would wrap up 1978 with a string of hit songs, gold and platinum albums and singles, dozens of reviews, interviews and media appearances and tour dates around the world. 


And, of course, he would also release 52nd Street, an album that rivals even The Stranger in terms of album sales, hit songs, fan reception, and accolades. 


There’s a lot to cover in the year that laid the foundation for the next two decades of Billy Joel’s music. 


Join us as we dig deep into Billy Joel in 1978.




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